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We provide you with solutions! Come check YIJIA LED TV looks like real props.
Our TV props and virtual electronics are in fact real units, and apart from not working with a sleek look and durable materials, our high-quality TV pillars and analog electronics are designed and built. TV stand and virtual TV, all parts of electronic products are made of real plastic shell and steel support. These are the same parts of production, flat-screen TVs and computer units. They are not fake; nor are they copies; nor imitations or imitations; nor are silhouettes; and above all, not props made of cardboard. High-rise analog TV model, lobby furniture, plasma TV simulation model introduced the latest model of a simulation, home appliances, while the market has a plasma TV appearance, and prop TV have the same production, technology, lifelike pictures. We provide a complete simulation of jewelry, home accessories, display items, etc. for the furniture store, exhibition industry, real estate, model houses, photography and studio, advertising agencies, audio and video, display cabinets and the company's display and so on, service. Computer simulation model, notebook computer simulation model, computer audio simulation model, fake books, props and other software model room, decorative furniture, auditorium decoration and other professionals, television stations, production and supply all kinds of simulation models. , We receive your product brochures and more information inquiries, hoping to cooperate with your company's friendly!

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Last Modified : 2019 - 05 - 22
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